Discover how you can get Peter Harris (author of Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies) to become your Commercial Real Estate Investing Mentor


7 Thoughts to “Commercial Real Estate Investing Mentor”

  1. Drew Thompson

    Hi Peter – I clicked on the link below and was unable to access the site. How do I get more information about your protege program?

  2. TooCold

    Greetings Mr. Harris,

    Is there an experience requirement for your protege program? I don't have have much experience with real estate, besides purchasing my first home, but I would love to learn and be involved in Commercial Real Estate.


    Hi Mr. Harris. What steps does one take toward mentorship? Please advise.

    Thanks Joseph

  4. edson ware

    Hello Peter I am very thankful for someone like you who show me and others how to be come from financially free . Thank you many blessings to you Mr ware

  5. Marshall Tansil

    I'd just like to get a commercial property to open a salon. I'm new in town, have no clients. And am older. I still think I can make a go of it. I'd like to have enough room in it to give club workshop meetings "Looking Good Matters" and also that same room should be able to double as an exercise room. Unless I could get a bldg. w/ a salon area, and area where I can do my personal clients, an area for workshop meetings, and an exercise room!

  6. Teddy Techilo

    Hello, Mr. Harris I like to be mentored by you!! what do I need to do? Also thank you for posting all the informative videos about investing in commercial real estate. ….more videos pls.

  7. Randall Fisher

    I am currently a Real Estate agent, working on my brokers licence.  I have a small sales team of 2 people.  I personally sold $6 mil. last year.  I am always looking for opportunities.  Please feel free to contact me.  Randall Fisher 850-960-3988 [email protected]. I am in Panama City Beach, Fl.   Thank you

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