Baruch Schur, President of Greystone Associates, shares his advice on how to best achieve a successful career in property development and real estate.

Those looking to start or further a career in real estate will benefit greatly from Baruch Schur’s insightful answers to the following questions:

“What skill sets are those who work in real estate required to possess?”
“What advice would you offer candidates looking to work in real estate?”
“What are the differences between larger and small real estate firms?”
“What is the role of work experience and extra-curricular activities when applying for a job in real estate?”

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  1. Shivam Shukla


  2. Guillermo Leon

    great video

  3. Yuri Sanchez

    Great video! Thanks Real estate is something that I and my husband have been looking into doing more me then him something to do as a part-time job. At the moment I am a medical assistant.

  4. Real First - Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Great real estate career advice!!

  5. Mark Ellis

    I'm a copywriter and I'm trying to establish a niche in a specialized area of the real estate industry, like writing for developers. However, before I go too far down that road I'm trying to find out if developers actually could use copywriters to sell their services. I don't want to start marketing to this niche if there isn't a need for it.

    If you have any insight into this I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

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    The people below should have their comments  removed as they are in very poor  taste and have no relation to this video.

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