Go to for the best training videos for new real estate agents or if you are in the process of getting your real estate license. Kevin Ward, international real estate trainer and Founder of Kevin Ward Real Estate Academy.

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5 Thoughts to “Starting A Successful Career in Real Estate – Kevin Ward Real Estate Academy”

  1. steelerfan77777

    Thinking about being an agent.. I wonder if its worth it because i heard people that got into it and its beens 3 months and haven't sold a house yet.???

  2. tony ortega

    Kevin ward!! love your channel, always watch when I can state test is July 7, 2016, super stoked and pumped, I would love to work on your team, I love in San Pedro, you work in the south bay right?

  3. calico black

    what state do you practice? im in florida licensed since 99 but my mentors teach nothing. i believe i am able to  be a powerhouse with the correct training. would like to pick you brain a bit on presentation as in looks. contact me please Kevin.

  4. James Portillo

    Thank You for the valuable information.

  5. Bryson A. Thomas

    He is an excellent speaker, very passionate!

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