Investing in real estate while holding a full time job may not always get the most discussion in the real estate investing world – but there are thousands (if not millions) of investors who do just that. On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with Arthur Garcia, a busy part-time investor who has massed an impressive collection of rental properties while holding a full time job. This show is filled with a ton of really great tips to help any investor – large or small – be more efficient with their investing time. In addition – this was probably the most humorous show to date!

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11 Thoughts to “Investing While Holding a Full Time Job with Arthur Garcia | BP Podcast 06”

  1. Undertale Lover0907

    Just started reading bp guide! Im happy I followed to watch this post cast…I'm exited!!!

  2. Undertale Lover0907

    Great video!!

  3. aaron philby

    47:58 new word: matric

  4. KCsingingjourney

    I want to begin, but I just don't know where to start. I live in Maryland. The market is very competitive where I live. Should I pull the equity out if my home to do my first investment or my 401k?

  5. Desean Patton

    Great podcast, nice to hear about his approach and still being humble and honest.

  6. FAM MAN

    great podcast, made me rejuvenated about investing. have a full time job and family of 5.

  7. Cassie Rubino Halliwell

    Does Arthur have a website?

  8. Jean Park

    Hello cat.

  9. Aaron Norris

    Arthur garcia is the bomb! Great interview.

  10. Elvis Leon

    Love this podcast it's very educational.

  11. Elvis Leon

    Love this podcast it's very educational.

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