Home foreclosure help is at hand. It’s likely that you’re a few payments behind on your mortgage and if the lender hasn’t already called then you are expecting a potential foreclosure notice to arrive at any time. If you are able to still keep paying the mortgage, or a major part of it then you may be able to avoid foreclosure altogether and save your home. There are some short term tactics that you can employ but remember these may differ from State to State. Firstly you need to be honest and open about the problem to the loan company. Don’t expect kind words and sympathy, unfortunately you are a statistic until this is sorted out but you will find taking this initial approach while you get professional help will delay and possibly help stop foreclosure. Sometimes a successful delaying tactic is to get your lender to provide the loan note stating how much you owe based on the original loan note this means that you can buy time until a potential fix can be put in place. Getting home foreclosure help early is extremely important and you will need to recognize that the best help is professional help- you will not be able to do this on your own! Mortgage foreclosure help can also come in the form of a loan modification. If you can still afford to pay your mortgage professionals can assist in properly negotiating and creating a workout plan that will help stop foreclosure.They can also explain to you all the options including loan modifications and refinancing options and ways to stop foreclosure proceedings. You don’t need a mortgage broker or re-financing company at this point, since those are often not the best options and could be a waste of money on an appraisal for a loan you won’t qualify for, close on, or have enough equity to make it work. This is why it is best to get home foreclosure help as early as possible and recognize that it’s more than likely to be some form of loan modification.