Marijuana Stocks Sector Technical Analysis Chart for 10/7/2016
Cannabis Stocks Sector Technical Analysis Chart for 10/7/2016
Pot Stocks Sector Technical Analysis Chart for 10/7/2016

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21 Thoughts to “Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 10/7/2016 by”

  1. B. Glynn

    Hi Dan, do you have an opinion on CV Sciences? I recently came across you and so far I like what you are doing. Thanks!

  2. Luann Siemon

    Would you invest in MJ stocks ?

  3. MobLinz Initiated Turbocharged Prepaid Society LLC.

    Love your break down.

  4. Russell Popham

    So what's your take on USMJ? I've been buying this stock for the past 6 months and it's starting to take off, along with PURA and ALYI with which they have business deals with. My total investment to date is $2900 and the current value is at $10,200.

  5. Jack A


  6. james lachs

    TWMJF is a wild ride stock but I agree that it's legitimate. I bought it at $4 and sold it for $13 in under a month. I'd be surprised if it doesn't go back to $3-5. It's at about $7 now. Don't chase these stocks!! Scams galore!

  7. Michael Goldman

    This video is life!

  8. Gordon Hancock

    I Like this, im a noobie,but very intrerested

  9. Branden Mullins

    APH.v MT.v and CGC on the tsx

  10. AM673.

    what do you think of (xxii) 22nd century group?? they have patent on cbd and are in reduce nicotene in ciggarette waiting for fda approval

  11. Bruce Cole

    how are u Dan I'm Bruce…I'm a fairly new trader wondering what weed companies you would recommend I invest in? Is there any new IPO'S coming out in the near future you would recommend?

  12. Maximillian Dirnfeld


  13. Michael B.

    Where can I trade these stocks? Anyone a good broker?

  14. Happy Camper

    Great video. What are your thoughts on Terra Tech?

  15. Raybo sflorida


  16. Eric Surprenant

    I have been looking at this for awhile now and was wondering what you thought of MCOA?

  17. Julie Williams

    awesome video as always!

  18. Jonathan Rivera

    Let's talk about drugz.

  19. Tabish Syed

    Neat channel. Liked and subbed ! Question, are you on Reddit ? I have some questions and wondering if you can answer them. Thanks !

  20. The Chart Guys

    What do you think of ATTBF

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