– Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to sit down with a real estate investor who just said “you’re fired!” to her day job and became a full-time real estate investor!

We are talking with Brie Schmidt, who invests in a wide range of rental properties in the Midwest and shares some incredible insight into how she finds them, finances them, and manages them. In our conversation we dive into some really important topics regarding personal finances, getting your first deal, working with your spouse, tenant-friendly laws, when to quit your job, and a lot more! You are going to LOVE this episode!

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11 Thoughts to “BiggerPockets Podcast 078 – Quitting Your Job and Buy & Hold Investing w/ Brie Schmidt”

  1. KidCity Lynnwood

    Brandon, are you my friend?

  2. Jonathan McGuire

    how does a beginner compete with these more seasoned investors to find good deals, I feel like these people that have their systems and processes down would just make it hard for begginners to compete in a given area.

  3. Delano Johnson

    tall mocha 180 degrees

  4. Delano Johnson

    tall mocha 180 degrees

  5. Aesop_85

    Why do the host bash section 8 tenants all the time?! "Tatoos on the fingers and tear drops near the eye". These are huge stereotypes and do not represent all hardworking people who use this voucher.

  6. sublett30

    Thanks so much this has really inspired me to move forward in my investing career.

  7. orangejuicerox

    Great podcast. She def my fav yet, learned a lot

  8. joe 90

    check out HMO Daddy from the UK …Funny and Brilliant

  9. Margie Marcum

    "BiggerPockets: Pissing off employers since 2004" MAKE this happen!

  10. Johnny Rod

    love all of Podcast…

  11. blssdfall27

    I'd bet the google guy was the one that got fired.

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