Peter Schiff enlightens the audience at Access Tax Lien Talk to policies and phenomenons that threaten the future of Americas economy. Schiff gives insights that beckon the listener to brace for a new era in the global economy.


26 Thoughts to “Access Tax Lien Talk – Global Change Keynote: Peter Schiff”

  1. Hardeep SIngh

    Keynesian model has destroyed our Capitalist system!

  2. Steven Arther

    I have always said  the FED is a Ponzi Scam.

  3. Tenebrousable

    I can't imagine anyone with understanding of the problems accepting the positions responsible of solving the problems. A Tragedy. 

  4. ian turner

    8 people who watched this are keynesians lol

  5. Claude Rains

    Actually if the US just claimed bankruptcy now paid its real debts and left entitlements of $2.8 trillion out. It could restructure and be totally out of debt in ten years.

    You just have to hang all the ones that caused it first. Then the rest fall inline and behave in a rational and moral manner.

    I highly doubt it as they are building underground bunkers at the tune of $5 billion dollars annually to hide in for the last 6 years. They know what's coming and they are scared to death.

  6. GamerNate78 Tull

    Peter this is all leading to the great tribulation when america falls and it will the UK will be dragged down with it along with most of the world powers this the goal of the people who are wanting to set up a one world government with the United Nations as its Mouth piece all of the stuff that has happened is purpously being done because the are being controlled by forces unseen I know what is coming and I do not fear it because I have Jehovah God as my shield and when these global elite lay out there hand thinking they have won then sudden destruction will be instantly apon them bring it you workers of lawlessness for Jehovah of Armies will destroy you and the very fallen angels serve peter please visit and find the true treasure we should be seeking

  7. Robert St. Estephe

    Talk about inflation. There is definitional inflation in mass psychology as well. As the intrinsic meaning of a "high school diploma" declines to representing little more than a bureaucratic rubber stamp that does not designate any competence at all (literacy, numeracy, civics) it comes to be called a "high school degree," eliminating the distinction between college "degree" and high school "diploma." The same goes for "pupil" and "student."

  8. ros1tony

    why do left wing democrats want to inflate the housing prices back up?  isn't that undermining the lower income peoples ability to buy affordable housing?  Geez… this don't add up.

  9. kosai19

    This video just give me chills. Peter made a similar video about 2 years before the housing bubble explaining exactly what would happen and why and he was 100% correct. I get the sense his prediction is going to come true.

  10. Main 1

    how many ppl in the audience? Peter, I think you're once again overestimating ppl's intelligence. Have you ever thought that maybe you should plan your money around the fact that ppl will do everything wrong because they believe their own lie. They will increase interest rate thinking the economy is recovering and believe nothing will pop. The bubble/crash will happen faster than the fed could go back and reverse course. I see a repeat of 2008, first a crash and massive deflation then massive intervention which leads to massive inflation

  11. Gerald Davis

    I recommend a good bike fitting service from CadencePerformance. 

  12. Failed Trolls

    This could be one of your best speeches ever.

    I am downloading this one and saving it on my Harddrive for the Inevitable "Peter Was Right for the Last Time Unfortunately" Tape on Youtube…..


  13. Clarence Peterson

    Peter got fourth quarter GDP very wrong.

  14. FodderBoi

    Hey Peter, with gas and oil prices falling won't extracting gold become even cheaper. The price of gold might keep dropping. That along with the currently stronger American dollar will keep gold down for awhile at least.

  15. DeepThinking Economics

    The one thing I don't understand is why savings would be a good thing in our debt-based money system. Because of fractional reserve lending all the money out there is just debt with interest on them. If you save money you save debt. You can't increase the GDP without increasing the debt so that means you can't decrease debt without decreasing the gdp. If you would pay off ALL the debt there would be no "real" money left just more debt. 

    Am I totally wrong here? I know Peter Schiff has a lot more knowledge about the economy but if I understand the system right saving money and paying off debt is what destroys the economy in our current system. We need a new system…

  16. Joseph Calvaneso

    Phenomenal.  If only more people would pay attention.

  17. Xam Takorian

    "My own mother was pissed at me" 1:18:24 priceless

  18. eper1875

    Gold tie; priceless.

  19. dj blÖsl Productions

    Thanks for the sanity Peter.

  20. George Steele

    Is the current oil bubble (low) a gas war? Oil deliberately priced below production costs for, say, fracking old wells.

    In 1950's gas wars the majors would drive the independents out of business by deliberately losing money in the short term.

    Are we in the midst of a political gas war?

  21. Justin Bailey

    right here he said it. the central bank is an arm of the treasury. Janet Yellen knows exactly what is happen and why, that is why she brought it up in congress, because the government is making them do it.

  22. Brad Freeman

    I would love to see all the fed emails. That would be spectacular.

  23. aCycloneSteve

    Peter, this bubble will last 6.4 years.

    I know this because I will be eligible to retire in 6.5 years. >:-)

  24. Mitjitsu

    A Jew talking about money, that's something you don't see everyday…

  25. mellowman1001

    1:27:40 In the aftermath of the 2008 Crash, I noticed a huge increase in the number of vehicles driving around LA with unrepaired body damage.

  26. Clarence Peterson

    He could be Rand Paul's Secretary of Treasury

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