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28 Thoughts to “Single Stocks – A Monkey Can Invest Better Than Experts”

  1. kari KF

    So none of his advice ever consists in discussing the issue of ethical investing. The only real attraction for me in picking single stocks is looking at companies that do not support things like abortion, homosexuality, Etc. Things that I object to and do not want to associate my money with. In a sense I don't care if they do worse then his Mutual fund whatever it is, because it's more important to me what my money is being used for. And it's better than the bank.

  2. Brandon

    Day trading is for people with money to burn, buying good stocks and building a solid portfolio and holding for the long term isn't a bad thing to do. Start with 3-5 low debt carrying, high quality, companies (preferably dividend paying one) that you know will be around for the long term and hold them. Reinvest the dividends. Doesn't take an expert OR a monkey, just a brain.

  3. Justine Clark

    I enjoy your program and by listening have learned a great deal. I agree with you on mutual funds. But do have some single stocks actually 2 both dividend paying blue chippers. I had had them for well over 20 year and continue to invest in them. I do this in a company call computershare. which cuts out the fees you pay a broker. I have been reinvesting the dividends I receive for more growth. With the compounding of the dividends each year I get a few additional shares. Am hoping that when I retire I will be able to use the dividend money (stop Reinvesting)as another source of retirement money. Any thoughts on his?

  4. TemeryN

    when in HS I worked at Ross, they offered stock and I bought – 28 yrs later I am still getting 4 checks every year and I don't work there anymore. I will NEVER sell my stock, why would I? I get paid every 3 months. Yes there is a little bit of Cap Gains tax but that is more than covered by the 4 pymts yrly =)

  5. K R

    It all depends if you know what you're doing. Most people will make grave mistakes. I put a couple thousand dollars on a company that went bankrupt the next year. My mistake. But I put a few thousand in a stock back in April this year and now it's almost double the price I got it for. Learn as much as you can from mistakes.

  6. fsmoura

    Buy shares on the Blindfolded Monkey Mutual Fund now! Call 555-BLIND-APE! That's 555-BLIND-APE!*

    * Results not guaranteed. Past performance not indicative of future performance. Consult your financial advisor before investing.

  7. Silver Jaguar

    This dudes nuts…. I make good money all the time on swing trades….

  8. Silver Jaguar

    I made 15percent in my first year in the market with no prior experience thanks apple and netflix

  9. YoYo

    4:00 Those stats are too general. If they lose, they also win, how much do they win compared how much they lose?

  10. Kiran Kankipati

    Loved the way you compared daytrading too. What a great teacher you are. God bless 🙂

  11. Lester Moe

    Most stocks are too expensive right now. The guy that buys a portfolio of properly valued or undervalued stocks is gonna come out on top once the market correction hits

  12. Mike Rose

    Buy a monkey. Gotcha!

  13. Aaron Nelson

    Monkeys invest better than experts but the experts deserve 2% in fees annually?

  14. Mike Bromeo

    the top 20% of wealthy individuals own 80% of traded stocks. So you do the math. Only 20% of stocks are owned by those not considered top money makers. The wealthiest own 4/5 of all stocks.

  15. scorpiomaj27

    I think the math and logic is a little different if you're buying for a long haul and invest in something with a RELIABLE dividend. Finding an 8% to 10.5% dividend Mutual fund is not easy. Of course, you don't use a SINGLE stock.

  16. GuywithFord 500

    tell that to Warren Buffett 😉

  17. Seth W

    U have the most annoying voice. And stop trying to insult the watcher of your stupid video, it doesn't make u look more like a man. lol pathetic

  18. Aerohk

    I am all in my company stock for 401k, there have been up and down, but right now I am at 20%+ return.

  19. The Dave Ramsey Show

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  20. Paul Connolly

    By 10% in stocks, I'm thinking Dave means of the total amt reserved for retirement savings and not 10% of your Net Worth.

  21. responsibleparty

    So you're saying… I should consult a blind-folded monkey to determine which stock to buy?

  22. Buffy McMuffin

    kinda unfair to blindfold the monkey .

  23. MrGiggity890

    The point is that nobody would just buy one stock.

  24. Duro81387

    I would agree for stocks not for the Forex market for day trading.

  25. Ming Y

    Dave forgot to mention the moral of the story. If you want to be rich buy a friggin monkey , blindfold it and choose the stocks its darts land on.

  26. jvolstad

    I love low cost index funds.

  27. Drogo Baggins

    I'm going to need a link to the monkey study. It sounds like a made up story.

  28. David Blakley

    And he forgot to mention that 85% of all mutual funds lose money every year.

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