Introduction to NNN Commercial Real Estate Investing with professional real estate investor David Campbell.

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19 Thoughts to “Introduction to NNN Commercial Real Estate Investing”

  1. pankaj lohani

    Hi ,any one would you like to open any branch of your business in newzealand . My email I'd is [email protected] and contact number is +64 02041081396 please call me so we can discuss more. Thanks have a nice day

  2. furiousgtz

    Very helpful.

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  4. Neena Sharma

    well said

  5. David Andrews

    Thanks very much!

  6. David Andrews

    Thanks! I have another question about earnest money. Do you need earnest deposit with ever deal or can you use other options. For example, if you have 100% financing on a property 1m contingent on a contract on the property, but in order to get a contract on the property a earnest deposit is needed and you don't have 10% to 30% deposit to put on the deal. So would you try talking to the seller or what would you recommend?

  7. David Andrews

    With NNN lease are inspections of the property necessary?

  8. Silvia

    Great webinar! Thank you!

  9. Willie Perry

    David! Thank you so much for this informative video. I passed my New York Salesperson exam last year January, and i decided that I would much rather lease and sell commercial properties. I know absolutely nothing about this subject, but your videos are helping me to realize what I need to know, and so I search the web for info.
    Thank you so much. Now all i have to do is to get picked up by a reputable broker.

  10. Commercial MarketPlace

    Do enough research on youtube and you can find some really good content. Good video.

  11. Blacksteel Team NYC

    Interest only loans on commercial deals are rare, unless the buyer goes with hard-money….and then it's temporary. Your example should've accounted for P&I. And unless you have an absolute NNN property like Walgreens, there will always be something to impact NOI. The calculations made below would only work for an investor with a 15% discount rate. Care to explain how the math works on that? 

  12. Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing

    +ukeplaya1 The property owned free and clear would produce the same return as the CAP rate.  If you are positively arbitraged, the more money you borrow the higher your return.  If you have $100,000 property at an 8CAP your NOI is $8,000.  If you have a $20,000 down payment and an $80,000 loan at 5% your interest payment is $4,000 and your profit after interest payment is $4,000.   $4,000 profit divided by your $20,000 investment is 20%.   If you bought this same property with $40,000 down and a $60,000 loan at 5%, your interest payment would be $3,000 and your profit after interest payment is $5,000 (that's a higher profit), but your ROI is lower $5,000 profit / $40,000 investment = 12.5% ROI.  Remember, it's the same property… we just change the leverage ratio from 4 to 1 (aka 20% down) to 2.5 to 1 (aka 40% down).   If you use my short cut…  2.5 parts financing x 3 spread + 8 CAP = 12.5%   OR 4 parts financing x 3 + 8 CAP = 20%.   I hope that makes things clearer.   You can find a lot more free real estate training ideas on my website:   All the best –  David Campbell

  13. ukeplaya1

    Mr. Campbell thank you for this presentation. However I do not understand how under the arbitrage example you got to 20% by simply adding 3+3+3+3+8. Wouldn't it be more like (3+3+3+3+8)/5 to get 4% arbitrage return rate? or am I misunderstanding something? Thank you again for an excellent presentation.

  14. Eric D

    NOI can and does drop on occasion. I got a great deal on the rent on the warehouse that I use for my business, paying less than half per square foot than the guy before me did. And I was a new business! Now I can afford my own place but if he keeps the rent close to where it's at now, I'll probably stay.

  15. Raja Singh

    Excellent presentation!

  16. Bart Sherman

    Enjoyed the info. Thanks.

  17. Louis Robey

    Great video. I really learned alot.

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    Very helpful video, thanks!

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