DJ Akademiks Speaks on Trey Songz being Hit With Tax Lien of $748K and Immediately Wires $790K to IRS to Pay It Off!
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33 Thoughts to “Trey Songz Hit With Tax Lien of $748K and Immediately Wires $790K to IRS to Pay It Off!”

  1. That Doesn't Get The B*tches

    So a nigga owes money , the nigga pays it off.. akademics… was this really worth putting up my nigga? Was this breaking news?

  2. Bayete Omari Bey

    Dj. you should get into the title 26 income tax and other advocayes like adele wiess and rodclass. we will show you tax liens and levies are for taxable payers ONLY. nonresident aliens are not subject to it. its a revocation of voluntary payment. but if u work for the fed. gov. then u liable.

  3. Ayanwole Favour

    yeah better exclude me

  4. adam PEREA

    ay I dnt like the man's music but gota respect a move like that plus this nigga piping bitches n Makin them or they significant other kill themselves. .he hats a baaaaaaaad man..

  5. Weezy T

    I need these kinda problems.

  6. Andre Amilius

    Does DJ Akedemiks know how much Trey Songz net worth is and how a tax lien works??? I could be wrong but, I'm doubting that Trey Songz made the 748K drop in one payment. Trey Songz net is 10 million dollars. If you only have a net (NOT GROSS) worth of 10 million you might not be able to afford to pay the IRS over $700,000 dollars in one single payment. When the IRS puts a tax lien on you it's a "sneak attack". You'll go to the bank to handle some business and find that you have the same balance you had the day before but, it will be flagged as 'unavailable funds'. You then have to contact the IRS and make payment arrangements with an initial deposit in order for them to release the lien if you don't have the full amount. 748K is a bit steep for a person with a gross worth of less than $10,000,000, especially considering that the IRS taxes you $350,000 for EVERY million you make.

  7. Jonathan White

    you gon think he invented checks too, lol

  8. Ike Young

    pretty sure he's gonna have money prolem now. my people just throw money away on stupid shit. i don't feel bad for these idiots😏

  9. impleasen

    If you don't pay up, they'll come with guns G, they got waay more ammo then you!

  10. Drako Von Zeitgeistoberstellen

    We all broke up in here…

  11. Paul Smith

    Income tax is unlawful and illegal.

  12. anthony medina

    naw this is the new way to flex. these boys will wait till shit almost hits the fan. and hit them with that lex lutha drop!💪

  13. ahmirr

    I fks with Trey Songz!!!

  14. Sean Minneapolis

    income tax is illegal… Time for armed revolution

  15. thewalkingL

    he paid for it and said "keep the change you filthy fucks"

  16. King Ra

    aye very informative video

  17. Brianah Culver


  18. last king 100

    hell yeah Kendrick Lamar should have won it

  19. Kayla Zong

    Am I the only one who doesn't find him attractive? He's an okay looking black dude 😕

  20. BlissinthemiX

    that means the cops are gonna leave him alone

  21. Sherlock Homeboy

    Why Dj downloading them gay ass gifs

  22. Moon Monkey

    Amber, you peasant you should be honored to have your fingers inside a GODs ass.

    You better cherish those fingers you muggle. you'd better smart and not wash them fingers so you could sell it on ebay for a few millions.

    its a joke my niggas. LMAO

  23. Jonathan De Jesus

    lol we broke niggas he funny dj akademiks

  24. PzNqZ_AkTiV8

    DAYM!!. that nigga ballin

  25. Mazeratii Young


  26. Nyda

    You know why Trey is laughing… because he knows he really owes waaaaaaaaay more but the IRS can only prove he owes 800,000

  27. Duc Luc

    T.I. Getting that money!

  28. Madtroid

    That 42, 000 is going to make Obama happy, now he can give out more welfare checks and give more illegals free college WOOOOOO

  29. DeLaGoya


  30. Davon Walton

    trey songz ball hard my nigga a real g

  31. Davon Walton

    trey songz ball hard my nigga a real g

  32. Mc Lighter Hider


  33. Mc Lighter Hider


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