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21 Thoughts to “Silver Bullion Bars: Investing Explained”

  1. Team Skovhugger

    buy LOW and sell when the price is HIGH OR ON THE WAY UP…. OR WHEN EVER YOU CHOOSE NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL , DO NOT SELL when the price IS on the way down ….

  2. Mystery Buyer

    People seem to get confused. You want to buy up all the silver now while you still can and you have real wealth. Don't chase the paper price. That's peanuts.
    Simply wait until the dollar is worth nothing. Same for gold.

  3. Your Nevergunnaknow

    "With silver prices nearly reaching all time highs there is no better time than the present to start investing by buying silver…"
    That's… That's not how that works…
    Buy low sell high ya moron.

  4. Rod Panhard

    "With silver prices nearly reaching all time highs there is no better time than the present to start investing by buying silver bullion bars"
    – surely investing when prices are at an all time low not an all time high would be a better time to start your investment.


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  6. Ronbo710

    "With silver prices nearly reaching all time highs there's no better time to buy" ??? Um yes there WAS.

  7. dan goebel

    Please watch my videos and comment and or like please

  8. dan goebel

    I believe the same as the guy (or girl ) below 1/3 gold 2/3 silver & of coarse nickels & pennies lol . Keeeeeeep stacking

  9. Roger Smith

    message to any body looking at this video if 4 million people 200 oz silver each year from now on price of silver would jump $50 on an oz every year

  10. Herb Jackson Jr

    Gotta love those Johnson Mattey 100oz silver bars. At 1:45 he mentions the best brands but while bars are excellent, I think coins like American Silver Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs are more well known and are much easier to handle and transport. If needed in a crisis I think a silver eagle will be easier to barter with than a 100oz silver jm bar, but if you're just buying to invest then the 100oz JM bar is an excellent choice.

  11. Roger Smith

    look at silver price last 10 years 2002- $4 $50 in 2011 if you invest 30 thousand pounds in 2002 then you would have been worth 340k last year

  12. Roger Smith

    silver is also a good investment not good as gold but better then paper

  13. TheBooban

    I feel sorry for the people wasting there money in this con. They just choose silver because its affordable for dumb people with low income. Only gold is considered an investment and that's why there is no VAT on it. If you're gonna be suckered into buying metals, at least buy gold.

  14. inkey2

    well we have to pay interest to the fed in order to print more money dont we? I think it's two different issues but with the same results…..borrowing from China and also the fed

  15. Clinton Stonge

    We don't borrow from the Fed, are country borrows from China and other country's, but mostly China… But I was right on silver droping down to $20 per troy ounce… It's under $27 right now only $7 to go.. It will get under $20 just watch and when it does buy as much physical silver as you can… Paladium has ben up and down a lot so thats another metal you might want to look into…

  16. inkey2

    I have to logically think that the USA will never be able to balance the budget let alone ever pay off the national debt. We will just keep borrowing from the Fed till there is serious massive inflation. Hard assets will have to go up in value

  17. inkey2

    hey man, you gotta start rolling your own cigs



  19. Clinton Stonge

    @TheTubbtubb I can predict to pull silver out of your ass but that doesn't mean its going to happen. Its a gamble and its always going to be. I believe that once the economy picks up silver is going to go down to under $20 per ounce. No matter what its better than green.

  20. John III Sobieski

    @firechill Indeed, but many think that silver will continue to climb well past $100, so it's still relatively low compared to a predicted peak.

  21. firechill

    hmmm why would you buy when it is high. shouldn't it be "buy low. sell high"

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