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In this video Real estate trainer and speaker, Kevin Ward, explains the 2 simple keys to establishing yourself as a luxury real estate specialist in the high end market. Breaking into the high end market can happen practically over night it you’re willing to put yourself out there.

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21 Thoughts to “How to Break Into the Luxury Real Estate Market FAST?”

  1. Luis Carlos Perez

    Good stuff

  2. Nicander Medalla

    connect with people on their level

  3. Donavin Roberts

    Boom, great advice, thank you.

  4. Nhojmode Solares

    Thanks that was perfect

  5. Martin Hobelman

    Anyone know how to get in touch with these types of owners online?

  6. Maguette Niang

    Thank you for the information it's really helpful. So I have a question. Does every broker present a luxury listing or do I have to find out for myself ?

  7. Pamela King

    Awesome video!! Thank you for all your help..your videos are great!!!

  8. crazyincolorado

    I'm glad I found this video. I've been binge watching your videos. Part of my thought process in starting to get my license is that I live in an affluent area with lots of connections here, so I could network with my friends first and houses are at least 500k

    I think that your correct that we look for competence in an agent (at least we did, and I imagine my friends would too). I would be offended and look the other way so fast if an agent gave me some BS script.

  9. Artem Lebedev

    You can use Stodoys instructions to learn about it guys.

  10. Egor Mrinskiy

    You can learn more about it on Stodoys website. great solutions for any situations I think.

  11. Zimmo Jr

    Thank you Kevin, that was so helpful

  12. Nurit Petri

    Thank you Kevin. You always give such good advise. And your YouTube videos are great. 🙏👍

  13. Isaac West

    this is what donald trump did to get rich

  14. Jared Huff

    thank you so much for that knowledge . I hope some day with non stop education, perseverance and non stop global reach of high-end Realtors I will make it into affluent real estate . Books give so much in terms of knowledge but I fined human interaction is a keystone for this business so agian thank you and good luck with every deal.

  15. joe morrow

    Hey do you have an one on one coaching program. Thanks

  16. Marcus LeeP

    Very nice…

  17. Caron Koteles Riha REALTOR

    Subscribe to my channel for frequent uploads of beautiful luxury homes

  18. Alexis Miranda

    Love this video! Subscribed!

  19. KaPKaN

    How much was the house you sold was it over 1 million dollars

  20. Ray Amburn

    Kevin, thank you for the video. I enjoyed your presentation style, and found it straight forward. It met with my 3 B's. Be short, be sweet, and be gone. Merry Christmas.

  21. Mary Anglin

    You are fantastic!

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