Vin Maru from speaks with Joe Brunner from SmallCap Investor about the legal cannabis market, how investors can participate and the general outlook of the marijuana industry.

The interview was filmed at the PDAC 2015 Conference where Vin was invited to speak about the marijuana sector and provided strategies and opportunities for the investment community.

Interview Topics include:

– General outlook and optimism for the industry
– The difference between the Canadian and US markets
– Opportunities and options for investors to participate in the legal cannabis sector
– Private vs. public company investment opportunities
– Opportunities in the vertical and ancillary market
– Some of the key drivers for growth, branding and company success

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One Thought to “Investing in the Marijuana Sector – SmallCap Investor Interview with Invest In MJ”

  1. Dylan Campbell

    Personally im against pills for weed. Accidents happen especially with pills….cannabis was for a long time considered a gateway drug by some. Us smokers fought hard against that.but with the creation of lolipops and pills and all this shit its getting fucked. And is starting to look like childrens products. I dont like. Dont proove them right.

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