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I created this video as a “guide” for those of you seeking a good real estate investing course online that can help you cut some corners. Now, this is no silver bullet as I mention in my video, BUT Cody is a class act and completely trustworthy guy when it comes to the best real estate investment courses online.

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As an investor myself, Cody showed me in this class the system I wish I would have discovered a long time ago. The problem was that I was basically a crash test dummie when it came to my real estate investment endeavors.

This Web Class is great because it shows you the roadmap toward an additional $5k-$10K of profit with minimal hours invested compared to a full-time, W-2 type job. If you haven’t signed up already, do it here

One of my favorite things about Cody’s web class is that he has Barbara from Shark Tank(I watch it every Friday night and even on CNBC reruns.). Her relationship with Cody validated him to me.

You see, I’ve been doing business online for a while. I’m actually an owner of my own business that specializes in Facebook Marketing for real estate agents and mortgage brokers. I’m pretty successful too…


That business was always by design supposed to be a stepping stone for me to get into real estate investing. Two things were wrong with that mindset though.

#1. I thought you needed tons of cash and credit to get in the real estate investing game. FALSE. Cody teaches you how to do it on this web class and I’m blown away at how much time I wasted before finding Cody and real estate investing courses like his.

#2. I thought that since I knew a thing or two about the real estate lead generation game via Facebook, that I would be able to apply what I know to a real estate investing. WRONG. It turns out that the system Cody shares with you on the web class( requires a much simpler approach and far less skill than my traditional business model required.

Listen, if you want to change the course of your income and acquire a new skill that will get you to your goals, set aside an hour to engage with Cody online:

Cody has some advanced teachings as well when you are ready to scale up your real estate investing business. The Clever Investor is one of his “go to” real estate investing courses and it’s worth every penny too.

For now, sign up for a web class time that works for you and don’t look back. That’s what action taking looks like.

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