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  1. Rawbotic One

    so when it's time for dividends payout how does that go down? how do you choose to either take it or have it reinvested for more stocks? if you decide to reinvest it is i calculating from the current stock price or not? i realise that kinda sounds stupid but i like to hear the answer from someone else to have some reassurance that i'm thinking correctly

  2. SuperiorSeven

    Great video! Just to correct you slightly, the PE ration is the ratio between a companies market cap and EBITDA for the previous period, not the ratio telling how many years it takes for a dividend to fully pay for an ordinary share.

  3. Luisa Scoppa

    Such a useful video! Would love to see more!!!

  4. Zolfried

    ugh that taskbar :p

  5. Caughtlighght

    Those dimples though..

  6. ben youngman

    Thanks Sugar Mamma, helpful intel…!!

  7. Bart O

    Hi Canna, does one need to go and do some sort of course to understand all of this i.e tafe/college? I really want to learn but not sure if a course is the way to go. I'm assuming self taught can only go so far. Sure I can watch all your vids (which are great) but at the end of the day I won't be an expert/thought leader such as yourself.

  8. Hilary Chan

    Would love more videos on how to research on stocks and what all the info and number means please xx

  9. Your Opinion

    Great Video, do some on managed funds please!

  10. Vicente Izarraras

    I want to start investing in stocks but I am new to all this. I am also in California so I'm not sure if this video applies.

  11. Mahalo Mel

    Thank you so much – this was extremely helpful! Appreciate your time, help and support. Mahalo!

  12. Bobbie Smith

    you need a mouse ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. lindz151074

    hi does this website give you all the info you need for your tax if you sell a stock?

  14. Johann Prรถll

    very good explained.you do a great job.Thanks

  15. venkata satyanarayana Pannala

    nice interpretation

  16. Patricia Campos

    Thank you

  17. jimmymox

    Awesome website, thanks for putting me onto it ๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. AB Productions

    Great video once again. I used the metrics you mentioned in this video to analyze PSEC. Is on the NASDAQ. It certainly appears to be a viable option for long term passive income at with an almost 13% dividend yield although the PE is 20. The EPS has been hovering around $1 since 2013 but dropped to about .29 by July 2016. Can you provide your thoughts on that as an investment?

  19. Muhammad Firdous

    Hi do you have a Twitter? @MoPro_

  20. Hrishikesh Rahalkar

    very nice and interesting explanation. great work

  21. liviadash

    great video

  22. Ross Crombie

    Third time today, ๐Ÿ™‚ I signed up to MorningStar before seeing this video and I actually signed up for the 14day free trial on the US MorningStar not realising there might be difference between Morningstar US and Morningstar AU so Ill sign up for the Australian version as well. I am in New Zealand and my initial thoughts with share investing was to only invest in NZ and Australia as I might have more familiarity with the companies but Ive since gotten over that mindset. The US Morningstar site is great value, particularly the analyst reports. The US version does bring up Australian and NZ companies but the companies I have looked up which have only been a couple so far, did not have as much info on them as alot of the US shares had so it will be interesting to see if Morningstar AU has more info on the Aussie shares.

  23. x9xo

    Do i have to buy shares in Australia? Or I can buy shares from overseas please?

  24. Bodhi364

    Outstanding and clear. Thank you!

  25. wogboy82

    Just curious if you invest in a stick long term for passive income but you see the share price increase by a decent amount would you normally sell and make the capital growth or would you still continue to hold and take dividends?

  26. Andrew Smith

    Thank you for this video, it was very helpful. I only have question. Do you know of any alternatives to Morningstar?
    I will certainly use Morningstar for my research but it would be nice to have an alternative website or program to cross-check all their information.
    Thank you for your help.

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