49 Thoughts to “Houston Couple Avoids Foreclosure With Suicide Pact”

  1. mary shaffer

    No possession is worth a human life.

  2. Astral Dragon

    going out on their own terms, nice. if that was me, I would've burned the house down first so the bank couldn't get shit.
    better off dead than being homeless or struggling in poverty in a laughably mediocre capitalist country.

  3. mikemer79

    rest in peace

  4. Mathew Begnoche

    just more tax the rest of have to pay. Maybe they are on to something

  5. Jennifer Rosenfeld

    look for a job, and keep up with your bills.

  6. Matt Dathew

    if i lose my home, i burn it

  7. Jamison Davis

    Fuckin pig fest government don't kill yourself cause then we can't rape you for money

  8. Kitty Cat

    The other way out, the pigs want to kill them and save them from suicide!

  9. Brainiac007

    u talk about ending up in hell, but then u ask someone to plaster swastikas on shit ??

  10. Anglynn74

    When facing foreclosure these things do cross your mind even if for a second, for some people at least. I'm about to lose everything-my car, my home, our jobs, everything in side the house, our credit, our money, everything, just everything. We don't even have life insurance so suicide wouldn't do a thing but you're as good as dead when this happens especially if you're older and not 30 something. By the time we recover we'll be hard to employ, our life as we know it is over for us,.


    They could/SHOULD of burned their home down. Took it down like many have. Robbed a bank, ANYTHING but end up in HELL forever over a lousy piece of termite wood home. I shot up my home. Spray painted swastikas in the attic, garage attic, and in many places so they HAD to paint EVERYTHING in hot,Dry places.. Had a party and everyone did body slams into the wall. Poured cement into the main Sewer line. It took over a YEAR to get house fixed. Even cut swastikas into the cement floors too.

  12. liljuve13

    Wake up people

  13. Jigalojey

    R.I.P America, you won't be missed.

  14. Long Fang

    I found reporter's last words a bit funny, "another way than this" so that viewers wouldn't get the wrong idea lol..

  15. the1tigglet

    this is a clear example of disparity by design, not by accident and not by gambling. The banks knew what they were doing in 2007 they should be investigated once for each time this happens in this country and it needs to start now! The bailout money wasn't distributed properly, and alot of people not involved with the banks who asked for it got money they didn't deserve! Arrest them all i say!

  16. WellConditioned

    Republicans must love this. Income inequality is at its all time high, and if mormon underpants gets elected look for more of the same. I paid 12.3% on $15,000 working physical labor every single day last year. He paid 14% on $21,000,000 roaming around the country saying how great he is.

    The US of A is doomed.

  17. VikingLady219

    I don't think they will be able to get that smell out of there! If they have been rotting in there for over a month in the Texas heat, then fat chance of ever getting it out. They are better off probably bulldozing it down and building another house.

  18. necessaryevil101

    sad story but think of it this way. this is the ultimate payback to the bank. two toxic deceased bodies in a foreclosed home for a month, massive cleanup and sterilization costs for the bank. not to mention a giant lawsuit risk for someone moving in there and getting sick

  19. VikingLady219

    @evilfreethinker I couldn't agree with you more. This world cares nothing about the dignity of humans……

  20. Josh Case

    @Coelacanth1938 It's not your home until you pay for it

  21. sha370z

    most of all homes are on IOU

  22. navyseal100


  23. redbulljustice99

    damn basic human needs shelter and food its ashame that a person has to go through so much just to have basic needs between taxes and loan rates its gonna be tough for the younger generation when uncle sam gives all the jobs to forighners and dont wanna pay yea shit if you do get a job

  24. lddcreepykid

    It's baffling why they went to so much effort. A sad plead for help.

  25. Miss Pocket Protector

    Yes, foreclosure IS torture, especially with young children involved – and if hadn't been for the kids, I would be be 6 feet under by now or dust in the wind.

    Where? Alaska When? 1984 Why? Oil recession. Thousands lost their homes only to be resold by the banks for pennies on the dollar.

    Like lawyers, bankers should be terminated. People lived without them for centuries. Let's start all over without them. Oh, throw in the politicians too. Sarah Palin can go fuck herself.

  26. ScaperSteph

    That's horrible. Foreclosure is VERY stressful. I know, I went through it 7 years ago. It's hard to think of the future when you can build your finances up again and possible get another house with better terms… we did.

  27. tehuan1

    America needs another Civil War, right now…!
    Save yourself kill a banker…!

  28. Jeffrey Harrison

    If you do not have any money in this country you are dead. the torture of not having money is very severe. When you work hard your whole life and this gets handed to you and you loose everything you worked for your whole life and it gets taken away and you are faced with being a burden on other people just to survive then what? These people paid taxes their whole lives and this is what they got!

  29. MishuTaste

    @rumpole33 If you were a 40 year old, unemployed man who's about to lose his house to a bank for lack of payments. What would you do? Kill yourself?

  30. MishuTaste

    Survey: if your parents were about to lose their house to a foreclosure, would you NOT give them money and let them be homeless?

  31. MishuTaste

    @rumpole33 Yes, there are no cheap apartments in Los Angeles. I lived there. But this couple is in Texas. I don't see how suicide is the best option for them. If an illegal alien is able to get a job and get government aid w/o a social security number, think about how much an American citizen can do! This couple had to have some kind of talent, otherwise they wouldn't be able to live in a house. Texas is affordable. A guy in his 40s can get a job doing SOMETHING. A job + social security checks.

  32. Heywood Jablowme

    @METALMAN4Wii Awesome, great, kudos to them! But Lendingtree is a minor aberration, and not the norm. 🙁

  33. METALMAN4Wii

    @loronwilliams Not all just the greedy Rich. but I know what you mean people get treated like there not human. if they don't have a bunch of green pieces of paper in there wallet ( im from American our money's green and white mostly )…….!

  34. METALMAN4Wii

    @andruh99 Lendingtree is letting people switch out there high interest morgue for a fixed low interest 30 year one. under 5% I believe so there putting people before profit……..!

  35. MishuTaste

    @YragQtip Two adults should be able to put their heads together and figure out a way to earn income. Losing a house isn't the end of the world. The lady was probably a few years away from collecting Social Security. They could sell their furniture, beg for money, get a cheap ass apartment and possibly get temporary jobs through an employment agency. Or live w/ relatives & work. It's embarrassing, but it's not impossible to survive that way. Your relatives don't want you to die. They'll help.

  36. MishuTaste

    @YragQtip I've experienced unemployment many times. I've buried my pride & lived w/ relatives while working my way out of that situation. It's highly embarrassing, but it's better than giving up. I am not a mean person and I have sympathy for people who are faced w/ a foreclosure. But this couple had more material wealth than 50% of humanity. There are millions of people living in shacks in Third World nations. If they can handle that kind of stress, why can't we Americans handle it?

  37. itsme48423

    when is kill a C.E.O. day again?

  38. AnonEyeMouse


    Experience doesn't always make you stronger, those broken by post-traumatic stress disorder are evidence of that, and age is no guarantee of wisdom. It could well be that their long years together having come, in there eyes, to nothing was more than they could bare.

    You can't make blanket statements about other peoples lives.

  39. MishuTaste

    @KhyronDesintegrado Thanks for the advice. I'll drive my car off a cliff today!

  40. MishuTaste

    @KhyronDesintegrado YES! Do you think that's a bad thing?

  41. PatrioticFront

    @Elmoresnooze as i said, when people give up their freedom they always think it's with good reason.

    But, when it's gone, it's gone for good.

  42. PatrioticFront

    @Elmoresnooze Search cameras in homes of truant youth of england. It should come right up.

    I always hear people justify the police state inch by inch as not so bad.

    You dont just wake up in a north korea style police state, it's little by little. If you accept it little by little in the not to distant future thats what it will look like

  43. MishuTaste

    I would do this: have a garage sale. Sell everything! Try to borrow money from my relatives. Get signed up w/ employment agencies. I'd knock on neighbor's doors and offer to clean up their houses for money. I'd go to the gas station and pump gas & wash windows for money. I'd collect bottles & cans & take that to the recycling center for money. I'd go to food banks. I'd get a cheap ass apartment. The woman was in her 60s. Couldn't she wait a few years to collect Social Security?!!

  44. MishuTaste

    @AnonEyeMouse When I was a teenager, I wanted to kill myself several times. And I tried to. I felt like I couldn't handle the problems of my life. And, at the time, I had no debt & no bills. I had my own car & my parents paid for college. I would not think about killing myself if I was in that situation right now!!! But my point is: my life experiences made me stronger. This couple, w/ their combined years of wisdom & experience, should've tried harder to figure out a way to survive.

  45. ncmc7dixon

    @Coelacanth1938 Well, you have a point. Under communism a person can't own property, so it would be impossible to lose one's house. I suspect there was a lot more amiss in this Houston couple's life besides the looming foreclosure of their home. God bless them and their family. Freedom and individual responsibility works for me.

  46. wingnut4427

    They should have just burned the house down or at least made the house impossible to sell.

  47. PatrioticFront

    @drakewingfire I agree, I run into these people everyday. Their life is the junk they own, they dream of being billionaires. When the day comes that shows them that they are at the very bottom of their fantasy, they crack.

  48. PatrioticFront

    @Coelacanth1938 don't worry the police state is being set up here to make you feel at home.

    Soon every street will have cameras.

    And, the big tamale, government cameras in peoples homes; already being done in england, to follow in the US 3 to 4 years.

  49. Martin Evans

    @ncmc7dixon I was in Eastern Bloc communist countries during the 1970s-1990s. Most of them never treated their people as bad as we do in this Goddamn free market insane asylum.

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