The number of foreclosures nationwide is down 16 percent from September 2011. But in Florida, it’s up 24 percent. Manuel Bojorquez speaks with 72-year-old veteran Pat Juno, who has spent last two years trying to hold on to his home in Fort Lauderdale.


11 Thoughts to “Fla. man trying all options to avoid foreclosure”

  1. Alal Telal

    my position is directed by the fact that both republicans and democrats, no matter who is in office, always create policy and laws that limit the freedom of american people and increase the power of global factions (like the central banks). the abortion and gun duality is a facade to divide us on ideology, but they always work for the banks.

  2. Lorne On The Cawd

    I got a 750 sq ft home lol. 350 minimum a month. Fuck paying 2,800 a month for a single person.

  3. Alal Telal

    you democrats and republicans are a joke. cant you see this paradigm? its the banks that control both sides, and give us an illusion of choice, superficial differences. dont believe me? follow the money, its as simple as that. so stop blaming obama for this or romney for that. they are both slaves to the banks. if you want to get angry at our current state of affairs, then get angry at the banks.

  4. Mike Harp

    He wants 2 pump almost 2 trillion additional dollars into the military. WHY? Get ready for another war if Rmoney wins.

  5. jarama64

    This little girl needs 2 relocate to an area that is more affordable…

  6. jarama64

    You try to relocate with no money and bad credit and see how far you get!

  7. Mike Harp

    Mitt Romney is pure sleaze.

  8. Ama9864

    I feel sorry for him and I wish I could help!

  9. jryan1971

    Politicians think it's a good idea for house prices to start moving up. They think sky-high house prices are a good thing.

    Wages have been stagnant for over a decade, and they want house prices to shoot the moon.
    Gee, what could go wrong with this scenario ?

    Here's an idea: Why not let house prices collapse to the point where the average person can afford one without becoming an absolute debt slave to some parasitical banker ?

  10. Darla

    I don't quite understand why Mr Juno's problems are the government's responsibility to fix. I feel for him in his struggle and appreciate his military service, but bad things do happen. Hardly anybody is getting through the economic crisis unscathed.

  11. Caged

    the race is romney's to lose right now. sorry barry. romney has a 5 point lead.

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