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“The aftermath of the real estate crash is the investors gold mind; however, you have to know what you are looking for.”

Roberta Hoskie

In this course Roberta teaches students how to look and identify those things. Roberta is a successful real estate entrepreneur whose initial real estate investment yielded over a quarter of a million dollars. Over the years she has developed a signature way of creating wealth in real estate. In Roberta’s Strategic Real Estate Investment Online (RSREIC) course, she will teach students’ strategies that can help them create additional income, with the potential to make $100K or more!

Some of the teaching points are:

•Introduction to a number of diverse investment strategies

•Assuming a Mortgage


•First time investors Do’s and Don’ts


•Buying & Holding and more

This course is perfect for First Time Home Buyers as well as Seasoned Investors!! Everyone can participate, even if you have challenged credit.