Brainard Realty presents a comprehensive FAR/Bar contract training for agents to learn how to fill out and interpret the contract. Part 1 of 3 of full contract preparation course.

Link to contract to follow along


7 Thoughts to “How to fill out Real Estate contract -FAR/Bar Real Estate Contract Training 2016”

  1. Roberto Neto

    Very Informative, however for next video, try reading the contract first, make the necessary interpretation on paragraphs where language is a bit more complicated and use your own notes while you are while you record, it got very confusing as you tried to read fast and give your interpretation , you also got lost a few times, and I had to go back again and again to understand what you meant.

  2. sathivel chandran

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  3. BeatsKrazy1228 Tv

    can u do listing next?

  4. J. Chacon

    Thank you so much! I'm a new agent and this helped a ton!!

  5. Deborah Kaiser

    Thank you for going through this contract line by line. I was unable to find the other 2 videos you mentioned. The addendum and then writing a contract. Did you post these videos? If so, under what title?

  6. John O

    Thank you very much Brainard Realty — The O'Reilly Team of Winter Haven Fl….Excellent Job!

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