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Video Summary:
1. There are three things you have to learn when you start investing. First is the correct mindset. Second is to pick the right strategy. And third is the tactics.

Mindset – This is your expectations and your attitude towards investing.

Strategy – Refers to the system (or way of thinking) on how you buy and sell your stocks.

Tactics – Refer to the technical knowledge of what buttons to press, who to get a as a broker, etc.

2. When starting to invest in the stocks, it is VERY IMPORTANT to pick a strategy that compliments your lifestyle rather that one that complicates it.

Depending on the strategy you pick, the stock market could demand 8 hours everyday, while it could also be done by just 15 minutes every month! (That’s what the difference of strategy can do!)

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  5. Henry Bautista

    learn about how money works and how your money can for you instead u workin for the money

  6. Henry Bautista

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  7. Henry Bautista

    do philippines have roth IRA

  8. halgreen lim

    san po bko pupunta para makapag invest ako for example gsto ko mag invest sa jollibee san ako pupunta?

  9. Vincent Julas Paglinawan

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  12. aibar nissuh

    Kala ko si kathryn bernardo..😃😆😃

  13. Rachel Alejo

    Hi whee is the next video or the 5 teaching videos. Thank you.

  14. Aldrin Bendal

    5:58 minutes of introduction!!!!!

  15. Трофим Геворгян

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  16. Ayatollah Domato

    paano mag member mag kano capital kailangan dito

  17. Analyn Saborin

    how to start po?

  18. Erj Flores

    ang tip ko for starters:

    1. is visit the website of PSE. alamin mo lahat ng mga terminologies(rules and regulations at mga companies) doon sa site. isulat or eprint mo. you can also visit edge.pse. basahin mo din the securities regulation code at corporation code ng pilipinas.

    2. create your online trading account (BDO, BPI, Maketrade, Colfinancial, RCBC, First Metro, etc.) then do step one ulit sa lahat ng terminologies na makikita mo. agad2x? uo syempre para matuto ka agad.

    3. Practice trading/investing if you have money to spare. deposit ng 8k to 10k sa online trading account mo. Why 8k and not 2k or 3k? yung tax at commission ng broker same lang ng sa 2-7k at sa 8k pareho lang. Dito nagkakaproblema mga tao. di ka matututo pag nagdalawang isip ka. kahit anong gawin mo kakabasa at kakapanood mo sa mga books at videos di ka magiging ready at matututo pag di mo sinubukan.

    4. Picking of stocks. (maganda kung may close friend ka na tutulong sayo dito pag bago ka pa lang) at hindi galing sakin kasi baka sabihin ng iba naghahype ako. ano ang naghahype? kunwari sasabihin ko sayu BDO bilhin mo kasi nakabili at nakapundar na ako dati ng BDO stock. syempre pagbibili ka lalo na pagmaramihan aangat yung presyo ng BDO. ako ang mas nakinabang dahil umangat price ng BDO. Pag wala ka kakilala is dapat maging vigilant ka. listen and read every info but pick those info na makakabenefit ka. (tip ko is pumili ng company na maliit ang utang at malaki ang kita tsaka yung company na maraming tradess per month. wag per day kasi may basura stocks na malaki volume ngayon tapos bukas wala na.

    5. Do this for at least 1-3 years while adding a small amount(1-2k a month) to your account from your salary. Pag open ang market dapat mag-log in ka araw-araw kung wala ka work (sa gabi pag may work ka at tingnan mo anu nangyari sa merkado). tapos tignan mo takbo ng market through buy and sell volumes. tingnan mo sino ang mga bigtime at smalltime na brokers. sino ang price movers at sino ang hindi. anong company ang pinakamaraming trades sa isang araw or buong linggo or buwan. sino yung malaki magbigay ng dividend. take notes. take notes. take notes. wag ememorize.

    6. Pagnakagain ka na ng experience (medyo lumakas na loob mo at nakakatulog ka na ng maayos sa gabi na di kinakabahan or naeexcite) pwede ka na mag-add ng money sa account mo na malaki laki at magtrade or invest ka more. Pag may experience ka na kahit once a week lang visit mo online account mo at magbasa ka ng news about sa mga companies at mga foreign news as well para malaman mo kung need mo ba ewithdraw pera mo.

    Lucky 7. Start earning.

  19. shan espenida

    you look like kathryn bernardo tho

  20. Was Heatosp

    Goodday me richard ask ko Lang pag naginvest po ba ako s stock market ng long term investment peso cost averaging 5k for 5 years tpos withrawhin ko po after 5years dpo kaya ako malugi dhil dba ibubuy ko pa po un . Ska pde ko bng mawithraw un ng isang bultuhan slaamt po sna masagot po ninyo

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and brief experience about stock market, thumbs up👍👍👍👍👍
    for my case I only invest in major blue chips.

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    You should have less jump cuts, it's very distracting in my opinion. But anyways, great video and thank you!

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    Sir nice video. ask ko lang sir do you also need to have stoploss sa stock market pag nag trade ka?

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  30. Maria Vincent Morente

    so sir we learn about invrsting in a long term for good stocks? so if you leave ypur money for very long period of time and suddenly your broker just gone broke or gone? what will happen to your stock?

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  32. Alice Anacioco

    Hi J3, I'm really glad I came across your videos. They got me thinking, hmmm … had I started investing in the stock market 20 years ago upon landing my first job, I would be a millionaire by now and could retire at 50, ha ha! I hope it's not too late.

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    before invest learn more and be guided Happy Investing!

  35. raphshady

    pwd ba 2k a month? ska pag nag invest ako monthly khit pabayaan ko nlng ba, say once a year ko i monitor? sa bank account mo ba makikita ung kinita mo?

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