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Hello, Mark Clayborn here from Startup Credit Repair Business Training Center, and in today’s video I’m going to talk to you about Credit Repair training. Now, a lot of customers they call me and they inquire about Credit Repair training. They want to know how much Credit Repair training that they need and where could they go to get Credit Repair training.

Now, I’m going to show you inside of the Client Dispute Manager the type of Credit Repair training that we provide. And then I’m going to show you on my website – Startup Credit Repair Business Training Center the Credit Repair Mastery Class where you can go more into depth with Credit Repair.

So, once you become a member of the Client Dispute Manager, let me show you where you can access your Credit Repair training. You just go right here to Training and then you go right here to the Dispute Process. Now, in the Dispute Process, this is basically like straight to the point when it comes to learning how the dispute process works and how to process disputes. So, the first video we have here is all about the dispute process, beginning to end. The second video we have here is all about credit reports – it talks to you about the different credit reports, how you get the credit reports from your customers and how you deal with your customers when it comes to credit reports.

The third video is about Privacy Guard, how to read a privacy guard credit report and how to break it down.

Even though we have Identity IQ, we do have two credit reporters here, we have Identity IQ and we have Privacy Guard where you can import these credit reports into the software and the software automatically extracts the negative information, mark them in red, then you hit one button and it brings it into the software. In video 4, we have a video teaching you how to pick the right dispute strategy based on your customer situation or based on your situation.

Because we have 4 dispute strategies – we have the dispute flow, we have the general letters, we have campaigns and we have manual letters. Right here is the dispute flow letters – this is one of the strategies that you can use when you’re trying to decide which strategy you want to use for your customer. This is the dispute campaigns – you can pick different dispute campaigns you can use instead of using individual letters. If you like to do stuff fast and you just want stuff structured, then you can pick dispute campaigns.

General letters are more for picking like individual letters. If you don’t like the structure of the dispute campaigns or if you don’t like the step by step done for you dispute letter system, which is the dispute flow, then you would use the general letters because in the general letters, you can pick and choose which letter you want.

Now, if you have your own letters, you can use the manual letter dispute strategy where you can just import your own letters and use your own letters in the system.

Now, over here we have the respond letters. These are the letters you use to respond to the credit bureaus whenever you need to respond to them based on their response to you or your customer. Now, as we do more training here, we have the dispute process, it’s the same thing here but this one is in text format. So if you want to read it in text format, you can here. Same thing with campaigns, it’s in text format and the same thing with the remaining of these – these are in text format. Now, the only difference is right here with general letters. General letters basically tells you exactly how to use every single dispute letter in the general letter sections and give you descriptions on what it’s used for.

Dispute Campaigns go into detail, showing you how to use dispute campaigns step by step. There’s over 20 dispute campaigns over here. Dispute campaigns basically represents inaccurate information like judgements, collections, charge-offs, bankruptcies, that sort of thing. The same thing here with the general creditor letters. This here basically goes into step by step instructions on how to use each letter that you send to the creditor. The same thing with the collector – why to use each letter for the collector, and the same thing here for response strategies. This goes into detail on how and when to use each letter.

Now right here is a downloadable template to perform a credit analysis. So if you’re going to perform a credit analysis for your customers, you can use this template. Now, that is some of the Credit Repair training that we offer, basic Credit Repair training that we offer inside of the software.

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