How does a person decide to become a real estate developer?

There are as many paths to the decision, in all likelihood, as there are real estate developers.

Cory Jones, a Chicago policeman, talks about what motivated him to restore a vintage six-flat in Chicago’s North Kenwood – Bronzeville neighborhood.


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  1. Orlando Coombs

    Right on. Right on Black Man Right on. You followed your passion and your invested in your community and comfortable in your own skin. Bronzeville is an on and poppin area. It's a happening ass place. It's vibrant, it's hip, it's cool, it's got things to do, and has many black professionals, black owned businesses, and a new young black middle class, as well as people of other races moving in and everyone getting along just fine. That's a beautiful thing.

  2. Lavtrabia Lawson


  3. Thanh Tran

    You're humble and inspirational!

  4. Samuel Carter


  5. Kanita J

    I hate to say this… But a developer is someone who buys land and ACTUALLY develops it. Like adding utilities to the land! A builder is someone that I believe ur describing. Some developers do building as well. But then would you call urself a developer? But builders don't develop land.

  6. Real First - Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Great video for new aspirants!!

  7. fivefivevirgo


  8. rumplestilskin

    Keep doing good my brother

  9. Sam TheMan

    best degree to get for real estate developer?

  10. TheBkr388

    thats a soft spoken brother

  11. bighomienigga

    ahahahaha lol

  12. bighomienigga

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  13. bighomienigga

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  14. bighomienigga

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  15. bighomienigga

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  16. 101ers77

    YEAH! They're really funny. They claim to know Architecture, yet they always have to employ Architects. They are indeed SAD AND PATHETIC ARCHITECT WANNABES. ROFL!

  17. Laura Wensy

    me too! do you think it is possible?

  18. Tony Khah

    Keep your dreams alive, God is listening.

  19. YoChicago

    Hang in there. Sounds like you're bound for success.

  20. mintkendishin

    Developers buy land, finance real estate deals, build or have builders build projects, create, imagine, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end

  21. RobertsDigital LAX

    @HandsomeDee92 Me too I am very much interested! I need a lot of answers like how much time you have to spend in college to become a developer and so on. I finally know what I want to do…

  22. Jonathan Ryan

    Great video +1

  23. iamaksd

    Even though this was 2 years ago. I thought this guy did pretty good for a vid. Cut people slack. Noone's perfect.

  24. iamaksd

    Have you gotten started? I have been interested too.

  25. iamaksd

    It goes to show how miserable a person may be to waste energy posting nonsense of this matter. Misery love company.

  26. Movin2Elite

    @101ers77 yea thats true…who do those developers think they are with their million dollar bank account…we'd much rather spend the rest of our lives paying off tuition and sending resumes to these worthless wannabes so that they can hire us to do their bidding of improving a building and than having them make million dollar profits….uggh developers

  27. 101ers77

    Real Estate Developers are Architect Wannabes who didn't make it to Architecture school.

  28. Robert L Jensen and Associates Property Management

    Like the video

  29. Rico Smith

    im proud of ya and i dont even know you….. i know it is a tough industry because you could put tons of money in a house and it just sit and sit so you have to be really good

  30. TL3WIS

    He posted the video to the website. It obviously means something to him, why wouldnt he take it personally?

    Comebacks? It cant be a comeback if shpickey did not insult him personally.

    I dont understand why you are defending shpickey. He said something really stupid and its even stupider to defend it.

    "worthless youtube video's"- worthless in whose opinion? Speak for yourself.

  31. spider 543 spider 543

    He owes me $450,000 and he will never pay me back, and I trusted this man.

  32. YoChicago

    And I'd say the odds are high that you're a liar. How sad and empty your life must be for you to post garbage like this.

  33. spider 543 spider 543

    this man is now broke and i have taken all his properties

  34. ChristinaJ

    dis is what I wanna do…huh,…I can't wait. I start college in June.

  35. Stringer Bell

    This guy seems to have a good head on his shoulders in it to benefit the community. This is exactly would I want to do.

  36. Xone7

    Cory seems like a really great guy.

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