Alabama has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation. Do you own a home in Alabama and are you struggling to make your mortgage payment? Special guests Tracy Daniel, Executive Director for the Alabama Law Foundation, and Jimmy Walters a lawyer at Cappell Howard, discuss the Avoid Foreclosure Alabama legal assistance program with Gibson Vance, host of the Beasley Allen Report and Principal at the Beasley Allen law firm. The assistance program is administered by the Alabama Law Foundation and the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation, which make grants to groups and organizations providing free legal assistance to low-income Alabamians in an effort to prevent home foreclosure. Volunteer lawyers who are trained in mortgage foreclosures and homeownership interest issues serve as neutral third parties and provide mediation services to qualifying homeowners and the homeowners’ mortgage company or lender. The mediation process is voluntary and nonbinding (requires all parties to agree to settlement terms before a resolution can be reached). The lawyer works with the parties to help them consider all available options to resolve their dispute in a way that is beneficial to both sides. To see if you qualify, contact Charlotte Church with the Alabama State Bar’s Volunteer Lawyers Program at 334-517-2230.

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