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Don’t miss this special feature, as we come to you live from FinCon 2014 for Podcast 90!

In a BiggerPockets Podcast first, we sit down and chat live with financial conference attendees Matt Giovanisci from New Jersey, Romeo Jeremiah from Detroit and KC Beavers from Rochester, NY, three real estate investor newbies with fascinating stories and great tips for beginning investors and veterans alike! Hear from “accidental landlords” — a growing breed of property owners — firsthand, and let yourself be regaled by tales proving that first time investors CAN achieve success from the get go. A unique and high energy recording, this is one episode you’ll definitely want to tune in for!

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15 Thoughts to “Your First Real Estate Investment | BiggerPockets Podcast #90”

  1. National Customer Service

    Finding Real Estate Deals Just Got Fast & Easy

  2. s0cialdelinquant

    good thing they told me it's bigger pockets podcast 78 times or I wouldn't know what I'm listening to.

  3. aaric1703

    Warning no KNOWLEDGE here just arrogant DOUCHE bags spewing bullshit.

  4. RJ Zone7

    How about condo investing in Hawaii when you are not local? They put the units on vrbo and handle everything at a 25% maintenance fee+hoa

  5. The Apprentice Network

    Awesome Podcast!

  6. Extended Stay Tucson

    #Melinda Hardin Another great podcast. Thanks fella's @onewingedangelcc

  7. Extended Stay Tucson

    #Charles Sowah some people don't belong in real estate. @Melinda Hardin

  8. C S

    some people don't belong in real estate.

  9. tcampbell2186

    My friend took out a loan to pay for the $6,000 assessment fee for her apartment. The building claimed they needed to reinforce the building. Is that Amin t even tax deductible?

    Seemed like bullshit to me.

  10. onewingedangelcc

    Skip to 6:40.

  11. Melinda Hardin

    Good info if u can make it past the looooongest introductions ever.

  12. Charles Sowah

    Love the interview,very inspiring and motivational.keep it up fellas

  13. Templeton Walker

    Another great podcast. Thanks fella's

  14. Vannak Kann

    Love biggerpockets, great resources…

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