This is one way of standing up to the Bankers who are unlawfully trying to take your home for their unjust enrichment. The documents I am showing are available for download and modification to your situation at Research will make you more aware of the truth of the system and how we have been decieved. While I do believe that in a true system based upon honor, the party giving up his labor and loaning to another deserves to have his hard earned money returned to him. The bankers on the other hand are swallowing up all the labor in exchange for a mess of potage [no valueable consideration, just worthless paper, that they create from thin air and make everyone else labor exchanged for money worth less in the process].
You can see a copy of the word doc debt validation letter to send to the
lender or modify it for credit card debt also here:


35 Thoughts to “Foreclosure Freedom Part1”

  1. John Middleton

    Makes me laugh when you put all the dots together and see how corrupt it is ha ha

  2. dave javu

    ultra vires = operating beyond their powers

  3. MyPrivateAudio

    Hi there! Paycheck Piracy heard you on our call last night and sent this link out. Now watch the views grow. Good job!

  4. Wyte Rook

    Summa Corp. v California, 466 US 198

    …the Land Patent is supreme title to land…

  5. Wyte Rook

    Why not secure a land patent? United States v creek nation, 295 N.S 103 (1935) see also us v creek nation 474 f 2d 628 (1973). "Issuance of a government patent granting title to land is the most accredited type of conveyance know to our land"

  6. yahshuah29

    MIDLANDFUNDING? ah ha ha ha I just crushed them in a credit card debt lawsuit they ran like little girls (no sexist intent meant)!

  7. Laura Powers

    Are the laws for New Jersey different than Cali? Where do I find the appropriate changes for New Jersey?

  8. Co Sung

    I was wondering where I can find a template for your QWR and the other forms you talked about. Your video has a lot of great information. Thanks for posting.

  9. Phil Anderson

    How do I get your documents.

  10. mytymex2c

    I downloaded your forms off of; however, I cannot find the QWR template. How can I locate the template or where can I go to get assistants with creating my own?

  11. mytymex2c

    I like the video, do you have a template for the form you talk about?

  12. Megan House of McAuley

    The "executive mortgage specialist, single point of contact with WELLS FARGO" stated that they didn't have to respond to my QWR if it was unrelated to the servicing of the loan per FDCRP"

  13. Cedermonkey

    Here is my email by the way [email protected]. Ocwen has offered me an 18k payoff of a 250k loan. Ha ha. They just offered me mod papers but how can they if they don't have the not. What exactly happens when the note and deed have been separated??

  14. Cedermonkey

    Who should I ask for the note. Also where do I obtain the Qwr that u have written up. My mortgage is a freaking mess. Spent many hours researching MERS securitization etc etc. went to the recorders office and only one transfer of the deed was properly recorded. I live in Cali. Also why does ocwen financial, duetsch bank an 3 other financial goliaths have the same address!!! Exact
    Same suit. Hmm weird. I am looking into attorneys in Fresno Cali and are have a tough time any advice? I asked ocwe

  15. saxfunk

    Great info here – I'm trying to get "re-educated" as to the real law of the land. Looks like the American people have been taken for a ride. Studied this same type of material 20 yrs ago & used to go into court & object to everything, file habeus corpus, suspend the judge, etc. Just curious as to positive results on stopping foreclosures from ppl using the Common Law if you know. Are banks stopping the foreclosure process when given these documents or what's happening then to ppl if you know?

  16. 1allstarman

    ignore comment , I found the 1778- 1901 flag, thanks again !

  17. 1allstarman

    @immafreemann I appreciate your taking the time to respond, it seems NY state adopted its flag in 1901, my county seat is closed due to flooding,they dont expect it to reopen . I hope I can get a copy of the original deed of trust filed ! LOL

  18. 1allstarman

    so, if I am in new york, how do I indicate this action is under the constitutional law? you useed the california republic flag, being in california. also, the other thing I am a bit uncertain about here is my original loan was with countrywide, it is bank of america claiming I owe them a debt ,according to your instructions I am naming countrywide in my document, as the lender throughout,and in the "push " part of the letter , is this correct? thanks

  19. 1allstarman

    so, if I am in new york, how do I indicate this action is under the constitutional law? you useed the california republic flag, being in california . thanks

  20. Yeshayhwh Ben Yisrael



  21. Yeshayhwh Ben Yisrael

    Can I do this process for my mother if I have power of attorney over my mother? can I appear in court on her behalf if I have power of attorney?

  22. Brian-Todd Streeper

    @immafreemann also, like the judges say, ignorance of the law is no excuse…so if people are not reading, and comprehending their contracts, but still signing their name, and GIVING their CONSENT, it can be problematic….I comprehend the "system", and I appreciate your work, and research….I'm just tossing ideas around…

  23. Brian-Todd Streeper

    @immafreemann people should read their mortgage. Or have a lawyer review it, and have an understanding, or rather comprehension of what is occuring in the legal language. lots of people are saying that they have the house, and the bank just has paper, so therefore no consideration….also, you're never loaned any money…it's all accounting entries…and if you're not a party to their contract/ treaty, you don't have the benefit…

  24. Brian-Todd Streeper

    well, if you sign a mortgage, to get a loan for a house, that you say you own, to therefore secure said mortgage, you are actually participating in the fraud as well….

  25. Karl Lentz

    NO Bank in the U.S. "owns" REAL Property "the dirt/land",
    it is illegl in the U.S. for a Bank to own LAND….
    the "counties" own the land/dirt/earth, and …
    either BANKs or humans CAN/MAY…. "rent/lease/ OR BECOME tenants upon the "LAND", by the "blessing" of the counties… everyone CLEAR on how Simple this is…

    ALL states in the past, but now only texas and some nevada counties "allow/permit" humans to actually claim FULL TITLE to the dirt/land (Alloidial title)

  26. artsychic2000

    @justaman6972 I don't sign anything although I do read what my husband signs and he signs it even though i'm able to find things in them that would compromise him if they wanted to. He signs it anyways…

  27. artsychic2000

    @immafreemann They are digitizing mortgages in canada so of course they have laws that say they don't need the original paperwork. Scum of the earth. No wonder Jesus threw them out of the temple.

  28. artsychic2000

    @justaman6972 i saw that. I don't have any debt but they have ways of entrapping all of us i'm sure.

  29. justaman6972

    if you send a QWR and they fail to answer that would be a default and they court could and should award you this default judgement,as the the bank has a lawful duty to speak and failed to do so,thereby creating a common law default. I have the docs for the common law default should anyone want them,they are for dismissing traffic citations,but could be modified for other purposes,so hit me up if you want 'em,just pay them forward for free as I have done.peace.

  30. justaman6972

    @artsychic2000 you unknowingly gave consent, the Constitution is a beautiful document,however it has one area which requires you to be responsible and know how to operate effectively,that is the power to contract being unlimited,this is how they get you. Most folks are too ignorant to read a contract much less examine the legalese and define its true meaning. 3 types of english used in the US,slang,business and legalese ,you'd better know the differences when contracting.

  31. justaman6972

    @artsychic2000 they already have ,just type in the following: "Swat used to collect student loans" Better get educated quick.

  32. deathmarch5

    Oh on the title 12 section 411 if you endorse your checks with that reservation a federal reserve note has a duel capasity after 1933 one is a federal reserve note which is private crredit the other side is a treasury note which is lawful currency. that is why they have 2 seals. notice the statement for all debts private and public.

  33. deathmarch5

    I had a brain storm why we dont use gold or silver to pay debts because all they did oin the banking act was replace payment of debt with discharge of debt skirting that concept of quid pro quo.

  34. artsychic2000

    here in canada they no longer want collateral for loans, only your signature which means to me that we become the collateral. Wouldn't surprise me if they started throwning us in jail for non payment of debts. Harper is building 9 billion dollars worth of prisons. When asked why, seeing as we have so little crime, they said…"to prosecute unreported crimes" What the hell does that mean?
    I think they are setting traps by way of copyright infingement hidden in the agreements you on the net.

  35. artsychic2000

    who the hell gave the ownership of the property over to the stinking banks anyways? They sell the same property over and over again and even if you pay it off it is still not yours.

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