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5 Tips for Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing by Mark Walters, 3rd generation real estate investor and author. Rent To Own is one way to go, but you need to have a solid Exit Strategy for when markets head down. Many talk about having ready wholesale buyers to flip property to, but how about targeting Retail Investors? That’s something you rarely hear about. Discover more about this in the video.


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  1. justin furman

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  2. Real First - Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Thinking out of the box always helps!!

  3. jahiddle

    Thanks for the video.

  4. Drew Ryan

    Great work, awesome job.

  5. TYX91101

    Real estate declines are exceptionally rare. But they do occur.
    The tipoff? Outrageous speculation.

  6. webuyokproperties

    Good review of practical info, Mark.

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