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25 Thoughts to “01 Intro To Stocks – Breaking Misconceptions Stock Basics”

  1. greenearth

    I cannot thank you enough. I have watched you videos are they are sooo wonderfully done! Much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Jugad sen

    OMG !!!!!

    You are like the best teacher i have ever seen, you talk really calmly & make things really easy for us to understand …………….WOW… who says you can't learn stock basics in just 17:35 min….WOW

  3. Praful sartanpara

    I wonder how you guys are trading after knowing everything O_o thank you

  4. Joel Andrew

    A really informative video.

  5. Mahesh Rao Bangalore

    Hello there, Thanks. Its good info. you are sharing. Your style of presentation etc, all good. But one suggestion, your voice gets modulated, it becomes very low sometimes, which we cannot hear. We hear one complete sentence but few words sound is so low, we cannot hear, as a result whole sentence we cannot get. Kindly maintain the same voice, sound tone. Regards,

  6. Minerva Thomas

    Why mutual funds are not included as investments?

  7. truth seeker-belief hunter

    dear sir, can you suggest the book list that we can download freely or purchase, as NSE modules are costly. I want to understand the basics to advance in stock trading

  8. Saransh G

    love this! I downloaded the all already. just a suggestion, please make the videos in-app more user friendly. or allow us to access them through YouTube directly. thanks 🙂

  9. abhishek banerjee

    I wanna know more Abt market.How can trade academy help in doing that.pls suggest

  10. abhishek banerjee

    absolutely fantastic

  11. Amit Kumar

    The most important thing you mentioned in this , we do not have to pay taxes for holdings, if we hold it for more than a year.
    By the way is it true in 2017 as well , seriously ???
    I can't believe it because for everything we earn or use we have to pay taxes for it .

    By the way
    Thanks To Trade Academy

  12. Vaishnav Meduri

    One of the best tutorial videos I have seen till date.
    Really great initiative
    I'm definitely going through all your courses.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Best Wishes !!

  13. Anurag Arya

    I have recently developed interest in Stock Markets and Trading and found this channel really resourceful. I hope videos like these keep coming.

  14. rabi shrestha

    Sir, in our country all ipos have value of 100 initially. How is it same for all ipo's is the confusion i get. Can you please explain??? Also can you please tell me how promoters of company influence market price of company.

  15. Chris

    Thank you for the free course! Looking forward to educate myself

  16. satish vijaykumar

    Bookmark it – Beginners Intro To Stocks – Prateek Singh Breaking Misconceptions Stock Basics @upstox @The_RaghuKumar

  17. naik manthan

    simply awesome!
    just turned 18 , in love with stock market and in love with trade academy !! thanks

  18. Atul Kawthalkar

    Amazing the way anchor has got the concepts cleared with exuberance and pictorial info. to its viewers even a novice like have got it completely. Thank you!

  19. akshay binaykiya

    good videos

    helped me very much

    keep it up bro prateek singh

  20. Srujan Rinku


  21. greatidea11

    Excellent video. This is very interesting.
    Thanks for the video

  22. Dhiraj Goverdhanam

    Good Job!!

  23. 1M l

    hi trade academy I have a question for you …
    In options who decide the option premium ??

  24. Zachairi

    I'm from the United States, will this information apply to me?

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