17 Thoughts to “Comic Book investing Part 1 Should you invest in Comic books”

  1. alfonzo mendoza

    How much do you think "thanos" character is worth in comics from 1960s-1990s ?

  2. Dank memes

    Where do you purchase these books

  3. RAG718

    Nice video…… but really do not think mid grade and/low grade comics are comics one should invest in. I'd rather save and save and save each month and buy that Harbinger 9.8 before buying anything less. I use to do what you do and just buy whatever comic I can get my hands on just to say I have it but one day I had lunch with a very reputable CEO in the comic book industry and the real money and comic investing is in the HIGHER graded books.

  4. slimea thon

    found a shazam #1 a few weeks ago for one buck.

  5. Kelly KitKat

    What kind of a person would hold another's
    childhood at ransom? Sodomites are they
    who desire to know other males. In other
    words, they hate notions of privacy.
    Consider the "collectibles market" – comic
    books say, or old cars. Ask a kid if he knows
    who Superman is, and he will most likely say
    he does not care. They like something called,
    Sonic, the Hedgehog. The person who collects
    old comic books is somebody who wishes to
    recapture a moment of happiness from his
    youth. And they who would buy a comic book
    to sell to a higher bidder, is as somebody who
    would ransom another's childhood. The art
    world, in contrast is not like that. Because every
    generation knows, or learns of, Van Gogh. And
    the original is better than a copy, or print. And
    unless a book goes out of print, one can find a
    copy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writings. Hence,
    Victorian English will always be more popular than
    American slang. The TV show, Elementary, testifies
    to this fact. That said, if you yet insist on attempting
    to make money in the collectibles market, I suggest
    buying Transformers, or Spongebob Squarepants
    memorabillia, and waiting a few decades to sell that
    merchandise back at inflated prices to rich adults,
    who grew up poor. But if you want to go to heaven,
    I think stocks and bonds is where to put your money
    rather. Buy a comic book because you want to read it.
    Do you really think anybody fifty years from now, is
    going to pay a million dollars for Action Comics number
    one? DC Comics, every decade or so, reprints that issue.
    I found a reprint, selling for four dollars a few years ago.
    Read it in the store and put it back. I did not care for
    the grasshopper analogy – "just as a grasshopper can
    lift many times its weight, so too can Superman". Nor
    cared I for
    that guy on the final page dressed like the Pope offering
    last rites to the wrongly accused. Why is the priest
    dressed like the Pope? But later, at home, thinking
    about it, I decided it was, not that bad. But when I went
    back to get it, somebody else had bought it. Darn! Will
    have to wait for another reprint. .. I hate the new comic books,
    because sodomites desire to remake society to their
    liking, so stories about the lgbt crowd tend to pop up in
    issues now – and that moniker, Authorized by the
    Comics Code Authority, is now conspicuously absent.
    Caveat Emptor – buyer beware. But rather than focus
    on morality, they would rather that people focus on how
    to make money. .. I wonder if the nightclub owner will
    now be sued by his sodomite patrons for failing to enact
    anti-terrorism measures? As Donald Trump said of the
    Paris attacks, if some of them had guns, bullets would
    have been flying in the other direction. So, is the solution
    then to give everybody a gun when he walks into a
    nightclub, or restaurant? Is the old western salloon
    coming back into vogue? Because "the sherriff says
    no guns allowed in the salloon" policy does not seem to
    be working. But if you allow guns in a comic book
    store, how long before the place gets robbed? "Don't
    tell me Flashpoint Variant number 3 is sold out! It was
    here yesterday. Well, maybe I'll buy something tomorrow".

  6. Comic Power

    good picks! see my speculation blog here.

  7. The Great Legend Show

    Great video and great information.

  8. Okayu P

    Subbed, nice stuff.

  9. JT Mack

    Great video

  10. WeaponX Comics

    Nice books. I love picking up bargain keys too. I visit Geoffrey's comic shop every few months.



  12. 74SCREWGUN

    Some cool books and great tips thanks for sharing.

  13. Jimmy C

    When they do not utilize characters they drop big time…Silver Samurai like you said….Ultron, Baron Strucker, Hawkman


    Very nice man! I'm only a collector and any extra money I make at my job, I put in to comics. So no investing for me. Maybe in the future.

  15. LONGSHANKS _78

    Nice slabs. I think I'm the only guy left, that doesn't have a Harbinger #1. Lol

  16. Touch of Chaos

    that was a really good video thank you i haven't bought any key issues i just by current ongoing modern comics

  17. Vintomania

    Great and informative video. Sometimes you can strike it lucky like I got a first miles morales for 99p. Some great books there too. Keep up the great work

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