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investing in real estate Durham Ontario Real Estate Investing Fast Start Training Class. We ONLY have 50 Seats Available

In this video Gary talks about:

0.03: Welcom
0.05: Gary Hibbert full time active real estate agent and investor
0.11: Gary’s story, why he got started investing in real estate
1.02: Fast forward to 2014
1.15: Why you need a great team
1.31: Attend the fast start training class to receive Gary’s Real Estate Investing book
1.54: Thank you

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Why You Should Attend

Benefit from our collective experience investing in Real Estate in Ontario. Register for our Free 90 minute Real Estate Investing Fast Start Training..When you attend our class, you will get a free copy of our book, ‘SMART GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE INVESTING’…. STEP BY STEP that is valued $24.99 on

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What You Will Learn

We are not here to tell you that Investing in real estate is going to be a walk in the park and that you’ll be retired in the next year. What we will share with you is how you can leave your full-time job in the next 5 years. by following our proven system.

In this FREE 90 minutes Real Estate Investing workshop, we will share with you!!
◾The contracts we use to protect ourselves
◾How we avoid calls from our tenants at 3 am
◾How we have tenants maintain and look after our properties.
◾How we collect $10,000 for some of our properties before we ever hand over the keys.
◾Where we advertise our properties to get top dollars and keep our vacancies to a minimum.
◾Where in the GTA we are finding our cash flowing properties.

We don`t hold these classes often because we are busy helping our current investors find cash flowing properties.

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