Taking the TX RE exam. Wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Taking the exam prep class at Champion’s School of Real Estate (in class) really helped!
Key thoughts for taking the exam:
-Study, study, study (helps with a friend)
-Read every question and answer at least twice
-Don’t second guess yourself
-Eat a healthy breakfast
-Get a good nights rest
-Utilize Google and Youtube to help learn new terms
-They provide the calculator, pen, and paper
-Get there early
-Don’t wear baggy clothing (they think it’s easier to hide something)
-Relax! Be confident in yourself!

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12 Thoughts to “Part I: Taking the Texas Real Estate Exam”

  1. Giovani22

    Is a real state agent considered to be a stockholder?? …..its somewhere in the book I don't know where

  2. uzoh romanus

    I love the way you shared your experience, lovely lady.

  3. Kytrell Williams

    Thanks for posting

  4. Jessilynn Rose

    My mom passed one of the test and not the other she didn't she was off by one

  5. Erin Boeker

    I love this blog! Thank you for sharing your journey! I take mine in June!

  6. laura galabeas

    Thanks for this video. I have failed both times by two points and I'm devastated. I'm going to wait about 8weeks before my last try and take champion prep 2 day course in San Antonio. Do you recommend taking the test the next day after the prep or wait and study more? Also what do you recommend studying? Flash cards had no use for me that's all I studied and failed. I'm going to continue studying until the prep class in April . Thank you and hope all is well as a realtor.

  7. Susan

    Thx for your video…..Plz corret me if I'm wrong….Does that mean no matter going to a classroom or doing it online…You don't need to be over worried about the pre-exam.. Because it will be on online test and you can use google or the hard-copy books to help.. So everybody could pass it as long as you could find the answers from wherever as fast as you can? But the pre-courese will be something you need to be more serious about which will effect whether you could pass the real exam for the license? Waiting for your feedback…. Thanks!

  8. Jesús Díaz

    Hi, I took the exam as well, I passed the state part but i didn't pass the national part the same as you!! It's a little hard for me because English is not my first language I trying to do my best, any tips that will be help me to pass the national part!! Thank u Leah


    Filming Real Estate tours now, and going to be finished soon with my classes! Hope I pass!

  10. Dustin Maddox

    Hey Leah! I'm have just finished school getting ready for testing- I'd like to talk to you about a few things about the Texas exam if you would be willing to do that for me. Please let me know!

  11. BonitaBeauty

    The tests are based mainly on what? I will be taking the test in a couple of months and I just want to make sure I am studying the right material. Thanks

  12. Treva Christopher

    I am here in Houston and currently studying to take my test. I passed my 6 courses and just waiting to get my test information. Are the question definition multiple choice or scenario type questions? How much was the MLS listing? I had a meeting with the Keller Williams Signature office and the broker didn't mention anything about the MLS.

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