This video explains how foreclosure overages, surplus, excess proceeds and funds actually happen. In this video will show how Excess Proceeds, Excess Funds, Surplus Proceeds, Foreclosure Surplus, Foreclosure Overage, Foreclosure Excess, Tax Auction Surplus, Tax Sale Excess can happen to twelve people in one county and can result in great losses due to government escheatment.


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  1. Central Arkansas Judgment Recovery

    Hi. Keith. Thanks for a great video! The biggest problem I'm having is locating the previous property owners. I've sent out my letters and the letter are returned. I've used just about every free website (i.e. Whitepages, zabasearch, etc. to try and locate a client). Any suggestions would be most helpful! Thank you!

  2. Batya Mishan

    How real is this business

  3. jon gwynn

    your link do not work

  4. JRakaJustusRemelz

    Keith can this be done in Georgia? Can I charge 30% here?

  5. Jon Baker

    can this be done in the state of New Jersey

  6. CJ_Licorice

    Keith have you made any money from business? And how long have you been doing this?

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