Cody Sperber from CleverInvestor (More top notch free training here shares his ninja real estate investing 101 direct mail marketing funnel. Generate 1-4 extra real estate deals a month by mirroring his simple direct mail system. Understand the 3 steps involved and what major hurdles most investors face when marketing to motivated sellers using postcard marketing. Learn how to profit from investing in real estate the Clever Investor way.

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33 Thoughts to “Cody Sperber’s Real Estate Investing 101 Direct Mail Funnel”

  1. Plastic Mailers

    direct mail is an awesome and we believe in it 100%

  2. Todd Toure


  3. melvin owens

    amazing training you kick Than Merril in the ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Prop Advisor

    Nice strategy to build mail funnel, targeting inherited properties and absentee owners.

  5. Taneka Brazier

    Very nice video

  6. Alexus Jones

    Hey my name is Alexus I'm located in San Antonio anyways I'm a single mother of 3 & I hear lots of great things about your company. I'm very excited to attend your free webinar!, Tuesday, August 11, 9:00 PM EST.


  7. Al Ugo

    I theory what you teach sounds so sweet and easy, but in practice it does not come so sweet and easy.

  8. Andrew Fingado

    Great video, but i'm curious to see what typical response rates are.  I'd imagine they would differ geographically as well.

  9. Shean Rhoden



  10. Shakaama

    could you go in the much more detail on this video or make a new details series on this? please.

  11. Murat Tekbilek

    Cody you are DA MAN! I enjoy your comedy and teaching all in one. This is the only system I found where someone really walks you through step by step. "Simple systems work b/c you don't have to think before you take action" I love that quote from your fast track to success program.

  12. Zach Williams

      What is the site you are using for your lead input landing page?

  13. Paul Laurie Rogers

    I was able to buy some white boards off of Craigslist a few years ago. I love being able to visually see my thoughts and goals and plans.

  14. vegasprinting

    Nice job. You've really covered all the basics and more. If more real estate agents would follow your advice the 80/20 rule might turn into the 50/50 rule. 🙂


    That's awesome! Keep crushing it! P.s. love the big assss white board. LOL 🙂


    That's awesome! Our numbers a little lower but I love the funnel. Do you use redirect with the leads? We started to use it for both cash buyers and sellers and ROI seems good (still struggling to quanitify everything).

  17. Clever Investor

    Hey Raul…I think simple (and cheap) white postcards with black text are just fine. California is a great market to invest in and YES I can help you get started. Send me a private message with your contact info and I will have someone from my office reach out to you.

  18. Clever Investor

    Out of every 30 calls I am averaging 1 deal. Sometimes that number fluctuates by 10 calls or so!

  19. Clever Investor

    LOL…it's whiteboard wall paint and I love it!

  20. Clever Investor

    Thanks…really appreciate it.


    What type of response rates are you getting? What's the #"s look like? 🙂

  22. Ronald Joshua


  23. raul diaz

    great information cody. what do you think about mailouts letters do they work, im in california do you provide training in this area? had purchase property on the past, have a good job but want to get into investment, got my california real estate lic about a month ago any recomendation. do you have training in california for 5 step to closing. including the scripts? thanks for you time.

  24. dave5902

    Great stuff dude!

  25. Cynicruss2

    Saving to my favorites because I like the resources in the lead funnel…I don't understand though, as a copywriter I would've thought a personalized salesletter would outperform a postcard ? Why deal with 20 leads for one conversion when you get 1 out of 5 using a salesletter to do all the qualifying for you ? Kudos on the landing pages

  26. Daniel Wiafe

    Ah gotcha. Thanks man!

  27. Clever Investor

    Also, I will call them back before the appointment and continue building rapport. This is where I typically review my online research with them and throw out a preliminary price range I can see paying in cash (prior to me seeing it in person). If they don't freak out…I get my paperwork ready and meet the seller at my scheduled appointment time! Hope this helps and I appreciate your support!!!!

  28. Clever Investor

    Yeah…I typically have an initial conversation where I focus on building rapport and gathering facts. I will try and set an appointment to see the property within the next day or so by saying "Now I am going to be in the neighborhood tomorrow and I would like to stop by to see the house. What time works best for you…10:00 or 2:00?" Then I jump off the phone and start doing my due diligence. If the deal sucks I will call back and cancel the appointment!

  29. Daniel Wiafe

    I ABSOLUTELY love this video Cody & good explanation on the whiteboard walls on your system. Quick question – before you go out on appointments to these sellers… do you have them commit to a certain price range that you know works for you "number-wise"… so you're not wasting your time on folks that are unmotivated by the price you can offer? P.S. – Get your $MONEY$ dance on!

  30. Maurice Raffoul

    how many people are you employeeing

  31. Clever Investor

    Awesome…just remember that with direct mail you will get a bunch of responses where they sellers are NOT really motivated. And that is o.k.. Just remember that after around 19 or so "no's" you will finally uncover a truly MOTIVATED seller and that is the deal your hunting for! Good luck and let me know the results of your DM campaign.

  32. Clever Investor

    Hey no problem!!!!

  33. Online Agents

    Great info Cody, thanks for sharing your clever tips.

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