Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to welcome a guest who specializes in an aspect of real estate that no other guest has covered before!

John Fedro is a mobile homes investor out of the Austin Texas area who introduces us to all the incredible opportunities that one can experience in the mobile home arena. If you’re someone asking yourself, “What type of real estate investing should I do?” Than this show is for you! Throughout the show John gives incredible advice and insight that can be applied to any aspect of real estate. This is a perfect show for people looking to get started, regardless if you like mobile homes or not!

This is one of the most actionable shows we’ve had so without further adieu, let’s jump into it!

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8 Thoughts to “Mobile Home Investing and Getting Started With John Fedro | BP Podcast 75”

  1. Control is Power

    I am dreaming of selling the same home 3 times, regardless of the damage they do

  2. aaron philby

    I like how the podcast went from John Fredo using the "getting sick" euphemism to Josh Dorkin talking about him keeping the vomit in a jar on the dashboard.

  3. aaron philby

    this one's fun

  4. Jess n T

    Fantastic would love to see him on in this calender year again.

  5. Joe Comments

    Maybe I'm skeptical but nobody sells their $25k mobile home for $3k at 300/month for 10 months. Why wouldn't the owner just rent it?

  6. jad

    back when you had no video

  7. SasquatchBobby

    Here"s my question? Are all the owners of Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investors. I would hope so with all the Great Info that you're around! Yall should be Multi-Miilionaires!

  8. Erik Lindquist

    I live here in Marin county Cali and there is not a moblie home here for under 50k………………..In fact most of the bay area is really costly to get into and there is no inventory. Any help?

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